Sometimes clients need to send us large files (in excess of 20MB). They are usually photos or Photoshop files, but sometimes they can be audio or video files.

Sending large files via email can cause problems with either the sender’s or receiver’s mail box. So, the best way to send large files is via DropBox ( You can upload a file to DropBox, and we can then download it! Easy and free!

Here’s how you do it.

1. Go to and sign up to create an account. (You need to verify DropBox via email to start uploading)

2. After creating an account, continue with DropBox basic (Free) option. You can either install DropBox on your PC or not.

3. To upload a file, go to and click on upload at the upper right.

4. Choose Files or Folder.

  • If you choose Files, select as many files as you like and click Open.
  • If you choose Folder, select a folder and click Upload.

5. To send us the file, you need to click the share button, click on Copy link and email us the link.

How to ZIP files.

Zipping is a way to compress the size of a file, and it also can group a bunch of files into one file. On many computers, zipping (or compressing or archiving) is built in.

To zip multiple files (such as a group of photos), put them all into one folder. Then you can ZIP the folder.

If your computer has zipping built in, you should be able to point to a file, “right click” and then select “Zip” or “Compress” or “Archive”. See the picture below.

The file should then be zipped and should appear on your computer as follows.

You then upload the .zip file to yousendit.

If you do not have zip functionality on your computer already, then you need to download some software. There are many different programs around. Here are a couple you can try:

Windows – 7-Zip for Windows

Mac – iZip for Mac

1. Download the correct software for your computer.

2. Install it on your machine.

3. Follow the instructions for zipping a folder.

4. Upload the zipped file via DropBox as described above.

If you have any problems with sending us files, please let us know and we can discuss alternate options.

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