ZenCart quick tips – Larger Images
Posted on 09/02/2010 in Photo Editing, Zen Cart

If you have ever been frustrated by the fact that clicking on ‘larger image’ does not produce, in fact, a larger image, this is the reason why.

Larger Image in Zen Cart

Larger Image in Zen Cart

The size which is displayed, when clicking on ‘larger image’ is the size which you upload into Zen Cart.

The system automatically re-sizes images to fit your ZenCart design.  There may be one size set in product view, another image size when displaying a list of products, and yet another size when displaying the product as a special on the front page.

It is only when clicking on ‘larger image’ (or some people have ‘enlarge image) that you see the actual size of the image just as you have uploaded it.

So make sure:

1. That the size is, in fact larger (there is nothing more frustrating than clicking on ‘larger image’ and the image is the same size (or sometimes smaller)

2. That the size is not too large!  We have seen images that are so large they fill up the whole screen, and the customer does not know what has happened!

If you want more help with photo on your website, you may want to read more in our feature article Editing Your Photos for Web

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