Zen Cart – admin login slow or not working
Posted on 15/12/2009 in eCommerce, Zen Cart

A large number of our Zen Cart clients have been reporting trouble with logging in to their ZenCart admin system. Admin log in is very slow or not working at all – so they cannot log in to Zen Cart.

This login delay is caused because zencart, by default, checks for version updates while logging in to admin. If that procedure takes a while to complete, then login is delayed.
The good news is it is really easy to fix! You just need to change the setting that tells Zen Cart admin to check for updates. Here is how to do it.

Log in to admin and change the following setting:-

1. Admin -> Config -> My Store – > Show if version update available
2. Set this to 0/false/off.
3. Logout and then login again to check.

While you are there, take the time to change your password to something very secure! 99% of people on the internet use a dictionary word with a number on the end (Confession – me too!). The best option is have a password with the following elements:

  • 8-12 characters
  • at least one upper case
  • at least one lower case
  • at least one number
  • at least one character (eg * # !)

To change your Zen Cart admin password, do the following:

1. Admin -> Tools -> Admin Settings
2. Click on the “reset password” next to your admin username (often just “admin”)
3. Type the new password, then type it again to confirm it.
4. Click “save”.

If you are having any problems with your ZenCart ecommerce website or you need some training or support, contact WebCare on 1300 656 902. We have built and supported more than 100 Zen Cart websites and so are leading experts in Zen Cart in Australia.

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