WebCare: Australia’s First Totally Green Web Design Firm
Posted on 10/10/2007 in Stories

We at WebCare are very excited about being Australia’s first 100% green web design firm. From the core of our business model, we are totally committed to being not just carbon neutral, but carbon positive (WebCare produces much more carbon than it uses)!

Modern technology and communications infrastructure allows us to operate our business from anywhere with power and an internet connection. So we chose to set up our headquarters on a farm with more than 4000 mature trees (if each tree absorbs 650kg of carbon in its lifetime, then this property can absorb 2600 tonne of carbon) and new plantings of about 3-400 trees (260 tonne of carbon) occurring each year. The property is located about 35 minutes from Adelaide, South Australia – so ordinarily that would mean a long commute for staff and long drives to see web design clients or for clients to visit the office.

That is where our web design business model provides a solution – about 95% of our work is conducted by phone and email rather than face to face. So we are able to keep travel by car to an absolute minimum! The environmental benefit of this approach is huge. But that is not all!

The electricity that WebCare uses to power its business is 100% Green (Renewable Energy) Power. The other emissions from our business (such as the few times that a car is required and plane travel, and our host server) are offset by carbon credits from Easy Being Green.

Our office practices also support this committment to being environmentally conscious in everything we do. The office uses recycled copy paper, recycled toilet paper (yes – it is a bit scratchy, but we cope :-), is self sufficient for water (relying upon rainwater and dam water) and, of course, all lights have low energy globes.

If you want a website that is 100% green from its very conception, then talk with WebCare and you will know that the design and building (and hosting, if you want it) of your website is totally carbon neutral. You can read more on our environmentally friendly web design page.

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