Two Million Businesses in Australia!
Posted on 02/01/2008 in Internet Marketing, The Basics

Wow!  According to a Dec 07 ABS Report, in June 2007, there were 2,011,770 businesses in Australia – or one business for every 10 people. 96% of these businesses (1.93 million) are small businesses employing less than 20 people and 1.2 million have no staff at all!

The good news is that  58% of businesses that opened in June 2003 were still operating in June 2007 (four years later!).  If a business is going to fail, around 1/3 of them will do it in the first year.

It is these 1.93 million small businesses (variously known as home businesses, SME’s (small to medium enterprises) and SOHO (small office home office) that are the target group for WebCare’s web design and development services. There were 2.4% more businesses in 2007 than 2006 – or around 48,000 new businesses.  All of these businesses need a website and WebCare’s fixed price packages suit start-up businesses with low capital reserves to a tee!

If you are one of the 10% of people in Australia with their own business, and you don’t have a website, give us at WebCare a call today.   We can talk through the options for your website – what sort of site you need, what is its primary purpose (attracting new customers, providing information to existing customers, selling services, selling goods etc), and what are the best options for marketing this site. Best of all – this consultation is free – a great way to canvass the options for your businesses website and to make sure you have enough information to get quotes on your new website.

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