Test Post: How Quickly Will Constanze Voelkel-Hutchison Be Indexed?
Posted on 24/03/2008 in SEO, Stories

This is a test blog post to see how quickly we can get Constanze Voelkel-Hutchison‘s web page indexed on Google. The website has just gone up (24 March 2008) and is not getting any traffic at the moment, nor is it listed in Google.

We are wanting to get it indexed for the phrase – Constanze Voelkel-Hutchison . This is the only place the site is being listed, and it is not being submitted directly to Google. Our expectation is that it will be indexed within 72 hours.

Constanze Voelkel-Hutchison attended one of the internet marketing courses delivered by us and is now a client of WebCare. Whilst we haven’t built her website, we do host it and are helping her to get it indexed as quickly as we can through this blog entry. We will post an update in a week to advise whether we have been successful in our effort to get this site indexed super quickly! You can visit Constanze’s website at:


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