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Posted on 13/11/2009 in Internet Marketing, The Basics

One of the world’s first “internet marketing” gurus is a guy called Ken McCarthy. How did he get that title? He ran the world’s first internet marketing conference in 1994! That’s pretty impressive!

Anyhow, Ken is also a bit of an expert in copywriting. He recently set himself a challenge – to distill the wisdom of copywriting to 140 characters. Why only 140 characters? Because he wanted to be able to tweet the secret! And he did! Wanna know the secret?  Here is his tweet:


Short! Sweet! and Spot on!  When you think about your website, start with what you want people on your site to do.

  • Buy something?
  • Join your email list?
  • Ring you?
  • Click on an affiliate link?
  • Have a live chat?
  • Post a comment on your blog?
  • Link your site through a social networking service?
  • Follow your RSS feed?
  • Follow you on twitter?
  • Something else…?

First define what action you want them to take. Then write the content that will persuade them to take that action. Your heading will assist a visitor to decide whether they want to read any further. Your body text (and images, videos etc) will help them to decide what to do next. Leave or take action. Using an A/B test (ie testing two versions of the same page to see which one performs better) you will be able to embark on a process of continuous improvement for your page. But that is a whole other topic…!

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