Sniping on eBay- now that is serious fun!
Posted on 28/08/2008 in eBay

For a bit of good sport, get sniping! What is sniping?  It is placing an auction bid (usually on eBay) in the last couple of seconds of an auction and thus depriving other bidders of the opportunity to re-bid (of course, if the other bidder has set their maximum bid at a higher price than your snipe bid, they will still win the auction).

You can snipe manually – that is watch the auction (and don’t forget when it is finishing, or answer the phone, or get distracted by the kids!) and time your bid so there is only say 6 seconds to go.  If you are on a dial up connection, you will need to allow about 30 seconds!  This method is fraught with dangers (internet drops out, computer crashes, you time it wrong, you forget!), but it is fun 🙂

The alternative is a sniping service like Auction Sniper. Set up an account (and you will get three free snipes to start).  You will need to give them your eBay username and password (so you really want to make sure that any company you deal with is absolutely trust worthy) so they can bid on your behalf.

Then, find an auction you want to snipe on, copy the auction number (top right hand corner of the listing on eBay), paste that into Auction Sniper and sit back and wait!  With the appointed no of seconds to go (usually 4), Auction Sniper will bid to your limit.  If you win, you pay Auction Sniper a fee. If you dont, better luck next time!  Auction Sniper will also monitor activity during the course of the auction – and if your max bid price (ie your snipe bid) is exceeded at any time, Auction Sniper will notify you.  Pretty cool, huh!


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