SEO: The Power of Your Page Title
Posted on 17/08/2007 in Keywords, SEO

According to SEO expert Brad Fallon (of Stompernet fame), one of the most important SEO “on site” factors is using keywords in your page title. This is usually a really easy thing to do (particularly if your website has a WebCare Content Management System back-end).

The page title is the name that is displayed for every page of your website at the top of your browser window. Brad says that he has researched the impact of changing the words in your page title and it has had a dramatic effect on his rankings. The mportant principle is as follows:

  • Use your most important keyword/s first in your title.
  • Use your secondary keywords later in your title.
  • Don’t just keyword stuff your title – it also needs to have a bit of “filler” in it.

So, using WebCare’s home page as an example.

The title used to be:

WebCare Solutions: Fixed Priced Websites

What are the keywords here?

“webcare”, “webcare solutions”, “websites”, “fixed price” – all pretty irrelevant (and thus low quality traffic) keywords!

What I really want my website to rank highly on is high traffic keywords like “web design” and web site design”.

So, putting Brad’s research into practice, I have now changed the home page title to:

Web Design by WebCare – Creative Web Design Services

This includes the keywords “web design” (which is my best keyword and so it is right at the front of the title) and “web design services”. So there is repetition of the keyword – “web design” as well as an additional keyword phrase “web design services”.

Of course, you also need to ensure that you use the keywords you want to rank highly for throughout the text on that particular page (the earlier the better and the more prominence given to the keyword the better). Have a look at the webcare home page to see how often we use the words “web design” and the different formatting that we have applied to this keyword (particularly bold).


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