Ebay Resources Australia

On this page, we will provide videos, tips, info and links for people who want to Buy and Sell on eBay Australia.


How to List an Item for Sale on eBay – Videos

Here is our first series of videos on How to List an Item for Sale on eBay. There are 3 videos of 5 minutes each. Click on the link below and you will be taken to Screencast to watch each one:
Taken Down


Sniper Bidding on eBay – Video

We have also created a video on how to bid on an eBay auction at the very last minute (thus depriving the under-bidder from re-bidding). This is called “Sniper Bidding”.
Taken Down

You may like to check out the website that we mentioned in this video as it will automate your sniper bidding – and is thus more reliable than trying to do it manually!
We will be adding more content to these pages in the coming weeks. So check back!


Tool to Resize Your Photos

This is a great tool – no camera software to worry about. Just upload your image to this free site, edit it and download it again! Beautiful!


Places to Find Products to Sell

If you want to sell a physical product, you can find a huge list of manufacturers and wholesalers (some of whom will drop list to Australia) at The Thomas Register.

Another alternative is Alibaba – particularly if you are looking at importing from China. It is a huge database and one of the top 100 sites in the internet. Here’s another site with over 9000 maufacturers and wholesalers – Global Sources.

Closer to home, you can find a bunch of bulk products at sites like DealsDirect, DailyDeals and OO (don’t you just love that domain name!).

If you want to “drop ship” (i.e. have products sent directly to your customers from your suppliers), then try the wholesale lists such as SaleHoo and a fabulous new site: Worldwide Brands. Worldwide Brands has a comprehensive database of:

  • drop shippers
  • light bulk wholesalers
  • instant import buys
  • liquidation wholesalers
  • daily updates.

They also have a Video Learning Centre, where you can watch videos about the Top 5 Product Sourcing Tips. Worldwide Brands also offers a FREE eBook on Starting Your Internet Business Right – so check their site out now.


Live eBay Workshops

If you are in Adelaide and would like to attend one of WebCare’s How to Buy and/or Sell on eBay seminars, visit our Adelaide Internet Business Seminars page.