Cool Website Tools

Cool Tools for Your Website

On this page, we are going to list our very favourite web tools. There are some incredible tools that are being launched every day and we are going to make sure you get to see the best of them.


Website Design Tools


Select Colour Schemes

Do you know what colours you would like to use for your logo or website? Do you know what colours work well together? If not, then check out this great tool from Adobe. It will let you explore other people’s colour palettes, tweak them or create your own. It is simple gorgeous! Once you have created your perfect palette, then you can save the colours for reference.


Find Great Images

This is one of our favourite sites of all time. If you need images, illustrations, video or even audio for your website, then check out the range at istockphoto. From just AUD$2.50 – you can buy the license to use a professional image on your website. Warning: it is very addictive!


Create Amazing Images

Do you have a creative streak? If so, let yourself run free amongst the amazing online tools at Aviary. An online version of Photoshop, Aviary will let you edit images, create mind-blowing effects, design logos, find colors, collaborate, and more. And you can do it all from your web browser. Kewl!


Find Great Fonts

Need some font inspiration on your website or for your logo, then explore the range at Dafont. Some are free and some are commercial, and the range is great. You can enter the words you are wanting to use, and Dafont will display the words in each font – so you can see how it will look in real time.


Optimise Your Images for Display on Your Website

We love this tool. It is so simple and easy, but does its job brilliantly. Upload an image that you want to use on your website, and WebResizer will instantly optimise it to a much smaller size! It has other tools to – like crop, borders, colouring, and more. Once you are done, click a button and it saves the new image directly to your computer. Oh yeah, and its free!
Web Resizer



Website Content Tools


PDF to Word Converter

Do you have a PDF doc that you want to add as text to your website? If so, convert it to a word document and then you can make whatever changes you like. And the best news – it is free!
PDF to Word


Create PDF Documents

Perhaps you want to turn a document into a PDF, so that you can preserve its formatting and make it available for people to download from your website? If so, then you need this cool tool:
Primo PDF



Internet Marketing Tools


Track Your Website Statistics

Simply amazing web stats! You can access this amazing software for free in your Google account. They keep adding new features all the time. To install, you will need to add a bit of code to your website. If you can’t do this, we can do it for you (just ask us). Sign up for a Google account today and get your hands on this data.
Google Analytics


Keyword Research for Your Niche Market

If you’re going to have a website, you need to know what keywords your site should target. This tool helps you to research what people are searching for.
Google Keyword Tool