Website and Internet Marketing Resources

Are you looking for some insider info to get your internet business started? In this section, WebCare Solutions offers an array of tools, info and services to help online businesses launch and then expand their online presence.

All the solutions provided are scalable to your needs, as we strive to build a respectful, personal, and unique relationship with every client. It is our mission to help you wherever we can as you embark on your journey as an online-preneur! We have been doing this since 1995, and so have built up a vast array of knowledge and experience. In this section, you can learn from our experience.


Australian Internet Business Action Plan

There are some 60 actions in all that are usually required to start your own successful online or internet business. Do you know them all or will you miss some with potentially disastrous consequences? This page gives you instant access to download the online business Action Plan, with Australian references.


Cool Website Tools

In this section you will find a listing of our very favorite web tools. There are some incredible tools that are being launched every day and we are going to make sure you get to see the best of them. We are adding to this page all the time, but if you find something cool that we haven’t indexed yet, let us know!


Internet Marketing Glossary

Our very own glossary of all of the key terms that are used in today’s world of Internet marketing. If you haven’t mastered the jargon quite yet, then this page will help fill those gaps.


Website Backups

Step by step instructions to show you how to back up your website using WebCare’s hosting account control panel, CPanel.


Get Started Resources

This is the page that started it all! This page outlines the major steps in starting up a successful online business and the websites that will help you along this journey.


Website Client “To Do” List

Are your ready to get started with your web site development? This page outlines the important items to consider before, during and after the website development process. Understanding each of these task areas will result in a more effective web site, and a more satisfying end result.


Website Launch Checklist

On this page, you will find some suggestions about what to do once your website launches. This will help get your website off to a flying start, including the most important task of all – how to get your website indexed by Google!


Rotating Image Samples

We use rotating images on a lot of website that we build. This page provides you with a demonstration of 13 different rotating image effects. Just pick the effect that you want on your website!


EBay Resources

On this page you will find videos, tips, info and links for people who want to Buy and Sell on eBay Australia.