Ranked No 6 on Greek Google?
Posted on 31/05/2007 in SEO, Stories

This morning, I was monitoring the Live Chat software that is installed on the WebCare site (to enable us to communicate in real time with people visiting the site) when someone came onto the site from Greece. Now this is pretty unusual – we get lots of visitors from Australia, the USA, the UK and India – but not Greece. I was interested to see how this person found the WebCare site. The Live Chat Software provides referral information about how each person found your site (which is fantastic marketing information), as well as which pages they are looking at, how long they have been on the site etc.

Anyhow, I clicked on the Google referral link to see what keywords the person had used and then I discovered that we are ranked No 6 on Greek Google for “webcare”. Have a look at the picture below – it is fantastic!

No 6 on Greek Google

And yes, we can design and build websites for people in Greece (and any other country in the world for that matter!).


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