Promotional Stickers and Decals
Posted on 21/06/2007 in Biz's We Love

To state the bleedin’ obvious, just because WebCare is an internet business doesn’t mean that traditional marketing techniques don’t work.  One of the things we decided to do recently was to put a promotional sticker on the back of the WebCare vehicles.  Now this isn’t hi-tech stuff (though, one day, we’d love to have a fleet of Smart Cars with advertising wraps on each of them). We were just wanting a sticker on the rear windscreen with our web address.

I jumped on to eBay and found a listing by these guys: Visualwise Promo and Personalised (they have their own eBay store). I jumped in with both feet, and paid the $29 (including postage) for two stickers.  I then got an email from Les at Visualwise asking what i wanted on the stickers.  Within a week, they arrived at our office – and they look amazing: so much better than what I was expecting – including the WebCare logo! And, instead of the two stickers I was expecting, we got two full sets (a top and bottom sticker for the rear window). I will post a photo of them once we get them on one of the cars.

So, “Thanks, Les. You certainly over-delivered (remember the old business adage “under promise and over deliver”) – and we really appreciate it! Can you do Smart Wraps??

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