Moodle Screenshots

Below are a few screenshots so you can get an idea about what the inside view of Moodle is like.


Course Outline with varying views

Simple and editable Course Structure, with administrator having ability to view course as it appears to the various roles without leaving the page.

1-AbilityTo SwitchRoles


Resource and activity templates

Resources and activities can be added using a simple drop down box. Once created, they can be moved up or down anywhere in the course.




Range of activities and settings

Wide range of activities with their individual settings. Activities and Resources can be set to hide or show, making choices easier for course creators. Settings can customize activities further.



Course Description and Settings easily set up

Each course has its own easy to set up information, as well as customized settings – you can have free courses, paid courses, external enrolments and internal enrolments – all within the one Moodle installation.



Lesson & Quiz modules have a range of quiz types

Multiple choice, True/False, Short Answer, Numerical, Matching and Essay questions all possible – allowing for range of learning styles and assessment types.



User Management

User settings can be changed for individual users. You choose the authentication method used.



Theme Selection

You can select the look and feel of your site from choosing from one of the built in themes, or have WebCare build a customized theme for you.