Moodle Features

What are the Main Features of Moodle?

We build our e-learning websites with Moodle – a powerful open source learning management system. Your Moodle site has many features – and you can select which ones are most relevant to you and your audience.  The rest can be turned off.

Customised look and feel

  • Range of ‘themes’ which can be applied to your site
  • Can be further customised to incorporate your own design
  • Multi-language support
  • Allows for customisation of key words to fit site audience best
  • Different themes can be applied to different categories, or different courses

Categories and Courses

  • Ability to set up categories and sub-categories
  • Ability to set up unlimited courses
  • Ability to import, or directly enter content into course
  • Ability to have multi-media uploaded (made easier when adding an FCKeditor)
  • Range of content delivery formats
  • Large range of options for customising delivery

Resource and Activity templates

  • Lessons
  • Quizes
  • Assessments
  • Wikis
  • WebPages

Collaboration & Communication Tools

  • Forums
  • Groups
  • Chat
  • Survey

Powerful Administration & Reporting Tools

  • Ability to set up internal and external enrolments
  • Each course can have its own enrolment settings
  • Wide range of reports about student activity can be generated
  • Keeps record of student results
  • Role and permission settings

Range of Optional add-on modules/functionalities

  • Certificate module
  • Journal module
  • Flash module
  • Flashcard module
  • Dialogue module
  • Project module
  • FCKeditor (for easier upload of multimedia items)
  • Email plugin

Moodle is fully supported on Linux servers running PHP5.3.x.  If you need a host for your new or existing moodle website, we can do that – starting @ $35 per month.

If you would like to talk to our Moodle project manager, to talk through the features of Moodle and how it will work for your business, just call us on 1300 656 902.