SEO Services

You know how critical it is to your long-term business success that your website is prominently displayed on the search engines, but where are you in the search results? Have you been unable to reach your SEO and SEM goals? Does the prospect of mastering SEO leave you uncertain and at a loss?

WebCare’s SEO Services can help.


What WebCare SEO Services Will Do For You:

  • Take the mystery out of targeted optimisation
  • Work with you one-on-one to determine your goals
  • Recommend changes to your website and campaigns to keep you focused
  • Be the extension of your business that you expect from a professional company
  • Perform the repetitive tasks to free your time for your business
  • Promote your most profitable products and services
  • Increase the targeted traffic to your website
  • Improve your website’s Google Page Rank

WebCare understands that SEO means the future success of your business, and we make it affordable. We spread the cost over months, because that’s how you implement a successful, long-term benefit-yielding optimisation plan.

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SEM – Search Engine Marketing

Successful internet marketing requires more than just having a website. Search Engine Marketing (SEM) places your business in front of searchers that are willing to pay for the goods and services you offer. Without SEM businesses generally only show up in search results when someone searches for their business name. That’s great for people who already know who you are and what you sell, but that’s not enough for most businesses.

There are three sections where your business can be listed on search results pages and WebCare has compelling services for each.

Getting your business to appear in any of the three result pages is a great start, however, it really only scratches the surface. The search engine results page is a crowded place. Most businesses maximise their search engine marketing effectiveness when they appear high in each of the three areas at the same time. Getting significant real estate (location) on the search engine results page requires an integrated approach to keyword selection and optimisation efforts.

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Web Starter Package

Once you launch your new website, the first thing you need to do is get your website indexed by the search engines. How do you know if your site is indexed? Search for your domain name in Google. If your website does not appear in the results, then your site is not indexed.

We have just released a package that will guarantee your site will be indexed in Google. It includes:

  • Listing in 10 major Australian directories
  • Listing in DMOZ
  • Listing in Google Maps (for businesses with a physical address)
  • Tweet re launch of website
  • Posting of 3 x 5 star reviews of the business (on the major directories) so your business will kick off with some

Total Value: $375 (about 5 hours of work)
Our Client Price: $225 (save $150!)

This is a great kick start package! It will get your site indexed very quickly (we guarantee it!) and once it is in the database, you can then focus on getting ranked for the keywords that you want to “win” on. This process is called “search engine optimisation” (or “SEO”).