SEO PPC Overview

Search Engine Optimisation

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is the essential process of optimising a web site to improve the search engine ranking of a web page, for a particular keyword. This is a very complicated and time consuming process as the method (or algorythm) by which search engines decide the relevance of a particular site to a keyword is constantly changing.

So, lets say WebCare wanted to get ranked well in the search engines for the keyword phrase – “seo services sydney”. We would put in to place an SEO campaign with a focus on that phrase. We might create a new page using that phrase as a title, write some copy about providing SEO services to people in Sydney, publish some articles in some online article directories about SEO generally and in Sydney in particular, and get some other websites to link directly to our new page (called a “landing page”) using the anchor tags “seo services in Sydney”. You might want to target keywords like “SEO, SEO Services, Google SEO, SEO Australia, Search Engine Optmisation, PPC Service, Affordable SEO Web Design, Search Engine Optimization in Australia – Adelaide, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Melbourne, Hobart. SEO Sydney, SEO Brisbane, SEO Adelaide, SEO Perth, SEO Melbourne and Google SEO Expert Services.” and thats all can be achieved by our SEO services.

To give your site a good chance of getting some organic (natural or free) traffic from the search engines, you need to actively work on your site to give the search engines the incentive they need to rank your site well. You can do this yourself (allocate at least a few hours a week to this task, every week for around 6 months and you should achieve some great results) or, if you haven;’t got the time, energy or expertise, you can get an SEO expert to do it for you. Your SEO consultant will do exactly the sort of thing that we described in the example above about SEO services in Sydney – but on a much bigger scale and with many more strategies.

WebCare Solutions has developed a series of packages for every business budget – from a quick kick-start package, to a multi-pronged, content generating, massive promotional campaign! Starting from just $350 (inc GST), we have an SEO package to suit you.

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PPC Advertising

All the major search engines (such as Google, Yahoo and MSN) offer pay per click (PPC) advertising programs. Pay per click advertising is essentially the process of placing an ad on the internet, which is keyword sensitive, and paying a set amount each time a person clicks on the ad. This can be an extremely effective form of advertising as you are only paying when the ad “works” (ie a person clicks on the ad to be taken to the relevant website).

Imagine you can place an ad in the Yellow Pages Directory (the hard copy version – the online version is still way too expensive!), but instead of paying a few thousand upfront for your small ad, you only pay when the phone rings and the person has found you in the Yellow Pages! Wouldn’t that be great! Even better, if you get too busy (or you are going on holidays or get sick or just feel like slowing down for a while), you can just pause your ad – so the phone stops ringing and you don’t have to pay any more! When you are ready to crank up the phone calls again, you just switch the ad back on! Fantastic!

Google Adwords is the name of Google’s pay per click advertising program and the one we suggest you start with. It is the biggest and most popular of all the PPC programs.

There are a couple of key terms that are important to understand when talking about PPC advertising:

  • “Cost per click” is the term used to describe the amount paid (or willing to be paid) each time a person clicks on a PPC ad. It could cost you 10c per click, $1.10 per click, or $10.10 per click, depending on how competitive the keyword is that you are advertising on.
  • “Click Through Rate” is the % of people that have clicked on one of your PPC ads (out of the total number who have viewed the ad). So, if 1000 people have viewed an ad, and 33 people have “clicked” on it, then the CTR is 3.3%.

Our PPC Campaign objectives are to:

  • maximise your CTR (ie the rate of clicks that your ad is generating)
  • minimise your CPC (ie the cost you have to pay per click).

This will then give you the best ROI (return on your advertising investment), and ensure that your site is getting the level of traffic that you want.

Our PPC management services are $295 per month (inc GST). Please call us on 1300 656 902 to discuss how we can work for you. We can increase your return on investment (ROI) and save you money on your PPC advertising spend!