SEO and SEM Services for Australia

Have you been struggling to get your website on page 1 of Google, Yahoo and Bing? Are SEO and SEM Services something you need?

You know you have a terrific website and you know that your business will grow like a weed in a sidewalk crack if you can get it listed on the first page of the search engines. Well, that is partially true in that you need to be on the first page!

However, your site needs to be listed in one of the first 4 positions of the page to substantially increase the organic/natural traffic to your website! WebCare employs the most effective and ethical (white hat) SEO and SEM methods known today.

Many SEO consultants use unethical (black hat) methods that can produce short-term improvement but will end up getting your website banned from the search engines. If that happens you might as well shut down your website as 85% of all web traffic comes through the search engines.

This happens on occasion to the inexperienced website owner that tries to optimize their site and inadvertently makes a mistake. Be especially cautious with SEO software that promises to get your site to #1. You may be on the path to website suicide!

Once your site has been banned no amount of pleading ignorance and innocence to the search engines will help re-establish the site. In fact, in most cases the search engines won’t acknowledge your pleadings. The cure is “do it right the first time.”

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What’s will you get in the SEO and SEM Analysis?

  • Keyword Research – What words are people using to find businesses like yours?
  • Keyword Opportunities – What are the keywords that generate the greatest amount of targeted traffic for your business?
  • Analysis of Competition – Who are your direct and biggest competitors for internet sales in your business?
  • SEO and SEM Strategy Proposal – The SEO and SEM strategies that should be implemented.
  • Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC) – What are your competitors paying for the top traffic keywords, are there bargain priced PPC keywords, and is PPC advertising worthwhile for your business?
  • Explanations and Definitions – A glossary of SEO and SEM terms and methods to assist in reviewing and analysing the report.

The SEO and SEM Analysis report generally takes a week to prepare depending on the size and complexity of your website. The report will include the number of hours required for each of the SEO and SEM tasks and the cost for the activity.

Whether your website is already established or brand new, a SEO and SEM plan is an essential tool for improving your web site’s position in the search engine results and increasing the targeted traffic to your web site. Let’s get started with your SEO and SEM analysis report by filling in the form here on the page or call 1-300-656-902.

The SEO and SEM Analysis report is a one-off charge of $199.00


What’s Included in WebCare’s SEO and SEM Services?

This is what you will get when WebCare’s SEO and SEM experts handle your SEO program:

  • A complete evaluation of your website structure and setup
  • A correction to the site structure and internal links, if needed
  • Keyword optimisation for targeted traffic
  • Meta description correction for search engine spiders
  • Page title optimisation
  • Correction of on-page coding errors
  • Graphics optimisation for search engine spiders
  • Create on-page optimized content for your keywords and description, as needed
  • Web developer tips to help optimize new pages you add.
  • Back linking from Web 2.0 sites
  • Pre-position report in the second week of the campaign
  • Submission of your site to web directories with page rank of 4 or higher
  • Submissions to Ezine article directories, if desired
  • Monthly position report

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