Maps Optimisation

What is Maps Optimisation?

When buyers search for products and services on Google, Yahoo! and Bing, the ten most relevant local businesses are shown on a map with their company name and phone number. Those top ten spots are referred to as the 10-Pack.

WebCare can get you into the 10-Pack for your area. We call it Local Maps Optimisation.




Local Map Optimisation

Local Mapping has become a critical component of Local Search. When a customer is looking for a business or service in their area, the internet is the most frequently used method. The three major search engines, Google, Yahoo, and Bing, have a search page result dedicated to Local Maps.


The Power of First Page Local Map Listings

The local business listings from the map sections will display on the first page of the search results for web searches. Getting a listing on the first page search results is critical because the general web searches are the majority used and a majority of people will not go to the second page of the map listings. Having your business listed on the first page results is very powerful, as it will drive the customer directly to your website. It also tells the customer that your company is local and you can provide more detailed information about your business.


The Impact of Local Maps on the Customer’s Search

Customers are drawn to the Local Map section of the search results because it shows them where your business is physically located. In addition, other helpful information is provided, such as reviews, contact information, coupons, and links to your website.

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Maps Optimisation Done Correctly

The local business listing must be properly optimised for a search engine in order to show up on the first page search results.

The business owner can edit his or her own business information and the local map listing may or may not appear on the first page. At WebCare, we have created and properly optimised Local Map listings. Having a strong Local Map listing that appears on the first page for several different keywords is very helpful because it drives traffic to your website and brings more customers.


Why Local Map Listings are Important

Internet search engines are the #1 method customers use to look for a local business, it is therefore critical to have First Page listing in each of the major search engines. Local Map Optimisation is an important part of building that strong internet presence.


How Does Map Optimisation Work?

The first step is to create your business listing. The WebCare team will then analyse search data and current trends related to your products and services and revise the content of your listing to maximise its relevancy to local and mobile searchers.

Each month we will build citations to your contact information on other websites and directories. Citations help your business rank higher in local search maps results, boosting your business into the 10-Pack, and attracting customers on the go.

We’ll also distribute information from your listing to important online directories. These directories focus exclusively on attracting buyers searching for local merchants. Getting your business information distributed widely is simple when you choose WebCare’s Maps Optimisation.

Local Maps Optimisation is an exclusive SEO and SEM service offering you the chance to own the newest piece of real estate on the local search results page. You need the new, local, and mobile customers that being in the 10-Pack maps section can produce.


Let WebCare put your business on the map!

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