CMS Website (WordPress)

cms-website-packageCMS stands for Content Management System (CMS) – and basically, that means that you can manage your own content, through an administration system (or “backend”) that is part of your website. This type of website is the perfect solution for most small businesses. Why? Because it gives you control over your content. Visitors (and search engines) love new content and you don’t want to have to pay your web designer every time you want to change a few words! The most popular CMS in the world is WordPress!

The great advantage of a content management system (or CMS), such as WordPress, is that you can quickly and easily make changes to your web site at any time. You can ADD a new page, DELETE a page, or EDIT a page. You can upload documents, pictures, add links to other websites, and edit the formatting of the page. And, you can do it from any computer (or smartphone) connected to the internet, anywhere in the world! You can change one word, or the whole page. Just click “publish” and the change is immediately live.

Even if you don’t want to edit your own website, a CMS will still be a great choice for your business because it makes it easy for us (or anyone else) to update it for you. And easier means quicker and so saves you money. They are also very extendable. If you want to add features to your website now or down the track, there will most likely be a “plug-in” that will do this for you. There are plug-ins for portfolios, shopping carts, social media, marketing, forums, directories, classifieds and much more.

To keep costs down and to deliver “bang for your buck”, we use WordPress, an open source software package, to power the CMS’s we build. This means that your site is built with a software package that is freely available to use. It is not proprietary software – so you are not beholden to us to manage your site; you own it and can move your site any time.

WordPress has a very wide developer support base (lots of people know how to use it), there are thousands of plug-ins for it (which means your website will be able to do almost anything with the quick and easy installation of a plug-in), there are thousands of great pre-designed themes (yep – we’ve even built the WebCare website with a theme!), and there are stacks of free training resources on the internet. So if you don’t know how to do something, just google it and you should find the answer.

A WordPress website is the best solution for your business if you want:

  • A great looking, value for money website
  • A site that you own and is not tethered to one company for life!
  • To easily and quickly update your site with text, images and/or videos
  • Responsiveness – so your website is optimised to work on a smartphone, tablet and desktop.
  • Almost unlimited extendability now and in the future (via plug-ins and regular updates)

If you are interested in finding out if a WordPress website could work for your business, call us or email to set up an appointment. We will have a chat about your business and what it needs a website to do and then we will send you a detailed written quote – including a description of what you need, what approach we recommend to achieve your website goals, some hand picked examples of what your site could look like, a list of fees (including any recommended options), a timeline, our payment terms and a “where to from here”. This is a free, no obligation quote. Get at least three written quotes before you select your web developer. Remember: “Oils ain’t oils!”