Our Packages

There’s a whole lot of jargon in web development; such as “cms”, “ecommerce”, “conversion”, “open source”, “PHP”, “HTML” and many more!  It makes us sound like experts.  But it can be confusing for clients.  So, forget the jargon for a minute. The key question to ask yourself is:


quote1 What do I want my website to DO?quote2

Your answer might fall into one (or more) of the following categories:

  • Promote and sell products
  • Provide information about my products or services
  • Showcase my portfolio
  • Encourage visitors to call my business
  • Collect leads
  • Get newsletter subscriptions
  • Answer common questions
  • Facilitate bookings or appointments
  • Build a community around my business
  • ‘Host my blog’
  • Promote my social media services
  • Deliver an online course to students

Our Packages

Once you have the answers to this question, this will determine the type of site you need.  The table below will help you identify the best website option for you.  If you’re not sure, talk to us.  We will ask you questions that will help to identify the best website for your business.


CMS eCommerce Moodle
Sell Products  check  check
Provide Information  check  check
Showcase Portfolio  check
Get Visitors to Call  check  check
Answer Questions  check
Get Newsletter Subscriptions  check  check
Collect Leads  check
Facilitate Bookings  check
Build a Community  check
Blog  check
Integrate Social Media  check  check
Deliver Online Course  check  check


What Does WebCare do?

Once we start the project we will either begin to create two unique concepts of how your website could look OR hand pick a range of themes (which offer design and functionality) that could work for your site. Once the design (or theme) is finalised, we then start building the site.

We will integrate PayPal Payment Facilities so that you have a fully functioning online payment system, and your ecommerce website will be ready to add and sell your products from Day 1 (without incurring expensive merchant fees and payment gateway fees). If you want to add integrated merchant facilities from the beginning or at a later stage, we can do this for you from around $290 (ex GST). Please contact us for a firm quote (prices vary depending on the bank and the payment gateway).

We will add our GST package to your site (if you need to charge GST).  This ensures that you are GST compliant, including automatic calculation of the GST and generating a lawful Tax Invoice for your customers.

We will configure your shopping cart with a standard range of shipping modules (e.g.  flat rate, by price, by weight or free). For a discussion of shipping options, check our Shipping Modules page on the WebCare blog. For other shipping requirements, please discuss your needs with us. We can then give you a fixed priced quote.

We will also set up and configure the Admin section to your new business (business name, address, location, zone, key contact, email address etc).

To assist you with adding products to your site, we will set up three sample  categories and two test products (so you can see how this will look and work).You can then add your own categories and products (or ask us for a quote to do this for you – its usually around $4-5 pr product).

We will add three standard text pages to your site (eg Shipping, Refunds & Returns and About Us).  You can then add any more text pages that you want on your site and edit them easily in your admin system.

Finally, we will fully test the front end and back end of your website to ensure it meets our QA standards. This is first done by the developer, then by our QA team and then the Project Manager does a final check before sending the site to you.  At this point, your website is fully operational and ready for products to be added.

The all-inclusive cost for our full-featured, “ready-to-go” ecommerce web site is  $1995 (ex GST). There are no additional costs (other than hosting and domain registration) and no ongoing monthly “license” fees.

We can also add custom features to your site – just let us know what you want, and we will get you a fixed price quote. We will first look for a plug-in that will do the job. If we can’t find one, we will then explore a custom coded solution.


This sounds great! What is the next step?

The next step is to get in touch with us to have a chat about your business and your website requirements.  We will ask you lots of questions, answer any questions you have and then prepare a comprehensive written quote.  This will include a summary of what you need in a website, our recommendations, a sample of what your site could look like, a detailed and fixed price quote, a timeline, our payment terms, and what to do if you want to get started.

We reckon its always worth getting at least three quotes on a new website.  Your website really needs to work for you (a bad website will cost you loads of money in lost sales). Talk to different developers and get their take on ecommerce business.  Get quotes and then make your decision.  Of course, we have a sneaking suspicion that you might pick us. Our prices are very competitive and we know our stuff – we’ve been doing this a long time.  Even if you don’t end up going with us, we hope we can give you a few tidbits of info along the way that will help make your ecommerce business more successful.  Call us on 1300.656.902 and lets get the ball rolling.