Multiple Streams of Income from One Site
Posted on 21/06/2007 in The Basics

A common question that people have is “How do I make money from a field I am passionate about?”  You don’t necessarily have to sell products or  an eBook that you have written (or had written for you). There is nothing wrong with either of these strategies by the way.  But lets say you know a lot about a subject or have a particular field of expertise. What do you know a lot about? What are you good at? What are you interested in?

Once you have worked this out, what sort of website do you set up so you can make money in this field.  The answer these days is often to set up a blog (or another form of web 2.0 site). What can you do with such a site?

Search engines (and your visitors!) like content – the more relevant and useful information your site has, the better. Search engines then index the content of each page, so you end up getting more free traffic to your website (which is, of course, a bonus).

You can have multiple goals on your website (unlike traditional squeeze pages which aim just to capture email addresses). Your goals might be:

a) promote your own ebook (or other product) and get a few people each week to buy it
b) build up an email database by promoting say a free report or regular newsletter
c) get people to click on google adsense (ie google adwords on your website which people can click on – you then get paid a % of the cost per click) located appropriately throughout your site
d) promote someone else’s ebook (instead of writing your own) and making say a 45% commission (affiliate marketing)
e) establishing yourself as a guru or expert in this market
f) referring people to other sites you own

You can achieve all or some of these things via a well-designed blog. It gives you multiple sources of income (your ebook, your email list which you can promote to, google adsense, affiliate income through selling other people’s products, additional participants in your downline, people buying your products etc). Have a look at this example (though it doesn’t have Google Adsense in it):

So, building a website with multiple income streams, which also establishes you as an expert in the field, can be a great place to start. Once your site starts to attract good traffic and makes some income through Google Adsense or product sales or affiliate sales, or you get thousands of people on your database, then you have a viable business.  You can now sell your site (people will pay good money to buy it from you) or keep on building it. The sky is the limit!

WebCare can certainly assist you with building a site like this.

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