Module 4 – Day 2: Evernote
Posted on 14/09/2010 in Internet Marketing, The Challenge

Presenter: Ed Dale

Most important thing to do is “fuel up”. So Ed is presenting a cross platform solution that works everywhere – This allows you to take notes, clip webpages, and add photos (and it can read text inside the photo). Once you have an evernote account, you can access your account from any computer and smartphone.

Download the right software for your computer, and create a new account. It is free!  Then install it on your machine and also install the extension for your browser (it will give you this option).

If you need a different browser extension, go back to Evernote and go to Extensions, then select the one for your browser.

Once you have the extension installed, on any web page, you can click the Evernote icon and store that page for later. Make sure that you add tags and notes both to help you when you come back to write about that web page and also it embeds the info into your memory. Tagging is important as it helps you to find the right content when you go looking for it.

Your info will then be accessible from all copies of Evernote (once you sync them to the web server).

The point of this is to build a repository or archive of information that you can draw upon at any time for content.

Creating notebooks enables you to organise your content easily.

Evernote also has a stack of other Extensions that work brilliantly with other tools (such as Twitter, RSS feeds etc).

For those of you on a mac check out for some other useful tools.

Action: Get set up with Evernote and start using it!

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