Module 4 – Day 1: Market Leadership Concepts
Posted on 13/09/2010 in Internet Marketing, The Challenge

Presenter: Ed Dale

Ed says this is the most important of all of The Challenge training.

What is it?

Consistency in the long term is crucial in the market place. It does not happen over night.

It can be fun – Ed says it is the most fun part of the process (which is good, because some other parts are very dull!”.

It isn’t easy and for some people it doesn’t come naturally.

Oh yeah, and it won’t make you a cent! But, it makes you a market leader and you can then make a lot of money.

The “Negatives” of Market Leadership

  1. There can be a negative connotation of being a “leader”.  But the greatest leaders are the servants to their markets (eg Mother Theresa and Ghandi).
  2. You have to put your views, opinions, thoughts “out there”. You can be anonymous, but when someone comes along in your niche who practises market leadership, you will be hammered.
  3. As soon as you “stick your head up” and have an opinion, people will disagree with you. Some people will do this in a very personal way, which will ruin your day! You just learn to deal with it though.
  4. Market leadership can become all consuming.


  • Do 10 minutes of free writing.
  • Do 10 minutes of editing an article from last week.

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