Module 4 – Day 1: Examples of Market leadership
Posted on 13/09/2010 in Internet Marketing, The Challenge

Presenter: Ed Dale

The Julie/Julia Project

From a humble blog came a bestselling book,  an incredible movie (with Meryl Streep & Amy Adams) and a career of food journalism. This is a brilliant example of market leadership.

365 Portraits

Bill Wadman, a portrait photographer, started in January 2007 to take a portrait every day for 365 days. This bought him critical acclaim and his portraits got better and better over the course of the year.  He then went to work for Time Magazine, Newsweek and others.

But I don’t know anything about my niche!

Doesn’t matter! Doing a project is one way of doing this, but the formula never changes – it is consistent work on a daily basis. If you don;t want to practise on your niche, then practise on your hobby.

This is about serving your market as your primary objective.

Action for the Off  Week:

  • Watch Julie & Julia

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