Module 3 – Day 4: Setting up Posterous & Posting 2
Posted on 22/08/2010 in Internet Marketing, The Challenge

To set up:  just send an email to [email protected]

Posterous will then reply and then you can choose a name for your account and set up a password. Add a photo (Ed says this is a good idea).

BIG TIP: In the description field, include your domain name and anchor text (main keyword phrase) by doing this:

<a href=””>Replace this with your Anchor Text</a>

It will then look like this:

Replace this with your Anchor Text

Skip the find and invite friends and then you are done 🙂

You may need to confirm the email address (just click on the confirmation link in the email that Posterous sent you).

Set Up Auto Post

Click on “Add a Service” and then click on the icon for the type of service you want to set up (eg WordPress). Then enter your blog URL, username and password.

Repeat this for each of the Services you want to post to.

Once the Services are set up, each time you post to Posterous, it will also post to your other accounts.

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