Module 3 – Day 4: Introducing Posterous 1
Posted on 22/08/2010 in SEO, The Challenge

Ed Dale says “This is the missing link!”

Go to – it is a micro-blogging service. But, its best feature is that you can email in your posting! So you can take a photo with your smartphone, type in a few lines and send it to Posterous – and it is posted instantly!

Auto-post function – you can set up various blogs to receive your Posterous content. It keeps all the formatting, anchor text, links, media etc.

Facebook posting – Posterous will also post it direct to Facebook.

Tumblr – posts direct to Tumblr.

So, with one post from your iphone, it updates various blogs, posterous, Facebook and Tumblr.

Advanced Question – but what about the “duplicate content penalty”?? This is where Google does not display more than one version of the same copy in its results.  BUT – Google still indexes the content AND it still counts for backlinks!!

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