Module 3 – Day 2: Setting Up & Submitting Ezine Articles
Posted on 12/08/2010 in Internet Marketing, The Challenge
  1. Create an account at eZine Articles.
  2. Read the Editorial Guidelines (good idea to read this regularly as they change frequently).
  3. Click on “Create Your First Article”
  4. Select a Category and Sub-Category
  5. Put your Keyword Phrase in the Title.
  6. Write some “teaser copy”.
  7. Add the text of your article (which you have (of course!) written earlier). Make sure your keyword phrase is in the first paragraph. Around 500 words is about the right length.
  8. Turn WYSIWYG Editor on. This enables you to add some formatting.
  9. Use formatting very selectively. if you receive an email from eZine articles telling you there is a problem, just change it!
  10. In the keyword area, make sure your keywords are suggested and add any other relevant keywords.
  11. In the Author SIG box, insert your text about you (including your keyword phrase) – you can have two links, one to your site and the other to the relevant blog posting. You do not need to use your own name – if you prefer, use a “pen name”.
  12. Click on “Preview Article” and check that it looks OK.
  13. If you are happy with it, click on “Submit This Article”.  Expect it to be reviewed within about 7 days.

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