Module 3 – Day 1: Backlinking Basics
Posted on 12/08/2010 in SEO, The Challenge

A backlink is an external link back to your site.It has two components:

  • the URL (ie the page it is leading to
  • the text (which should be your keyword phrase) that is “hiding’ the link itself – it is called “anchor text”

It is crucial to understand “anchor text”.

Here is an example of anchor text and a link:

my keyword phrase

The anchor text is – “my keyword phrase”
The URL is “”

Another factor in building backlinks is the “authority” level. In this lesson, Ed is using the example of “Ed Dale is the sexiest man alive”. It matters who makes the statement – if Heidi Klum or Jennifer Aniston said it, then it would carry more weight than if Joe at the pub said it!  But “authority” for backlinks is not the huge factor that some people think it is.

Action: spend 10 minutes (set the timer) of “fueling”.  Then set the timer again and do a 10 minute “free writing” session. Then, spend the final 10 minutes editing a writing effort from a PREVIOUS day.

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