Module 2: Day 6 – Setting Up Rank Tracker
Posted on 08/08/2010 in The Basics, The Challenge

Tool: Market Samurai

What is “Ranking”?

You should now have a new website, at your selected domain name, with a single page (or article). If Google visits your site today, then it will rank you for your site based on the keywords used, without any backlinks. When you then build backlinks, Google will identify that and your ranking for those keywords will increase.

How Do I Track the Ranking of My Site?

  1. Open Market Samurai for the project that relates to your site.
  2. Click on “Rank Tracker”.
  3. Click on “Add Domains” and enter the URL (ie domain) of your new website.  Click on “Add Domain”.
  4. Click “Add keywords”.
  5. Enter the theme and category keywords you are targeting for your site.
  6. Market Samurai will then list your keywords.
  7. You can also monitor the ranking of other pages you can create. Click on “Add URL” and paste in the address of the page you wish to monitor.
  8. At the top, select the search engines that you want to monitor (start with Google) and also selct “Phrase Match results”.
  9. Set the “Search Depth” to 1000.Once your site gets into the top 500 and then 100, you can change the depth to save search time.
  10. Then click “Update Rank” and MS will establish the current rankings for your website.

Interpreting the Results

A “-” that indicates that the URL is not yet ranked for that page.

A “+” means that your page has been indexed but it is not yet ranked within the top 1000.

A number (eg 46) means that you are ranked at that number within the specified search engine.

You can click on the “chart” icon (on the right hand side) so track your site’s ranking progress over time.

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