Module 2: Day 6 – Setting up Google Analytics
Posted on 08/08/2010 in The Basics, The Challenge

Google Analytics is software provided by Google that will track the statistics for your website. It is the industry standard, so the data is widely accepted.

  • To signup go to, Use your Google account (or sign up for one – it is free!).
  • Once you are signed in, enter the website domain name (URL). Enter your Timezone and Country. Click “Continue”.
  • Enter your name. Select country.
  • Agree to Terms of Service.
  • If you are using your own site (not WPD), then copy and paste the code and send it to your web developer or add it to your website yourself.
  • If you are using WPD, then select “Save and Finish”.
  • Login to WPD. Under “WPD Tools” (right hand side), click on “Google Analytics”.
  • Click on the red link. This will take you to a Google site. This will aks you if you want to allow WPD to have “access’ to your GA account (it doesn’t have control, just access).
  • Click on “Grant Access”.
  • Then click the “Tracked” option next to your Website URL.
  • You can then log in to GA and see the data for your site from that point on. Or you can use “View Stats” within WPD (it pulls the data from your GA account).

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