Module 2: Day 2 – Compiling Content
Posted on 30/07/2010 in The Basics, The Challenge

Tools: Market Samurai

The PURPOSE of this task is to build up notes of potential content you can use on your site. This is not about finalising content, just generating ideas for content.

How to Find Content Using Market Samurai

In your Market Samurai project, click on “Find Content”.

Then tick the boxes of the sites you want searched (Ed demonstrated with Wikipedia, Google Blog, You Tube Videos, Google News).

Click the “Find Content” button (top right hand corner).

Look through the results to find snippets of info that could be useful on your site. Then copy and paste the info you like into a notepad application (Ed uses Simplenote for Mac).

How to find content using Twitter

Go to and search for your keyword phrase. There will be a whole bunch of results and again, just work through them to find relevant and useful info for your notes.

In the top left hand corner, click on “search for users”. This will provide a list of users relevant to your keyword phrase.

Ed’s Trick – Next to a user are three icons, click on the middle icon “Lists”. Click on “New List”. Call the list the name of your keyword phrase. Enter a description, and keep it public. Add other users into this new list. This will keep all the tweets related to this subject area in a separate list rather than in your main twitter feed. You will then have an ongoing source of content ideas.

Today’s Task: spend half an hour “fueling up” your note pad with content ideas about your keyword phrase.

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