Module 2: Day 1 – Intro to WordPress Direct
Posted on 28/07/2010 in Internet Marketing, The Challenge

What does Word Press Direct do for you?

  • Creates your website from keywords and 1500 themes
  • Gets you free traffic (they are SEO’d so you can get good traffic flows)
  • Saves time and eliminates errors (don’t need to install SEO plugins)
  • Consistency – your site is easier to maintain
  • Scales with your business to several niches
  • Optimised for marketing

Updates in 2009

  • Installation process was made easier
  • Was integrated with market samurai
  • Flexible – file, theme and plugin uploading
  • Better link and banner management

Updates in 2010

  • Theme gallery has had a massive update
  • Updated SEO plugin mix – better SEO plugins, facebook and other social media tools
  • Plugin and management deployment
  • Better integration with Google Analytics
  • Site migration, upgrade and cloning tools (so can transfer a site to someone else if sold)

You can sign up at

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