Module 2: Day 1 – The Importance of a Domain Name
Posted on 28/07/2010 in The Basics, The Challenge

What is a Domain Name?

The bit after the “www. …..” in a web address – eg or or

Why is the Domain Name so important?

Choosing a domain name that is “SEO friendly” (ie that will improve your rankings in the search engines) is really important! (so don’t register a domain name without having done your keyword research first!). The search engines will give you a higher ranking if your domain name matches the keyword phrase that is being searched for.  Eg:

phrase: “credit cards”

This domain ranks better than “” even though Amex is obviously a huge global corporation.

The “domain name trap” is registering a cool domain name without considering keywords. [For example, one of our domain names is – it is uber cool but has absolutely no keyword value at all! Our newest website – Zen Cart Zoo – has the totally keyword rich domain name of]

Exact Match vs Phrase Match Domains

Finding an “exact match” domain like “” is virtually impossible these days (unless you have a few million to spend on buying it!). So, the alternative is to find a “phrase match” domain like: or

This is not  100% keyword density for the search term “credit cards” (like but it is still very high.

If you cannot find a good “phrase match” domain, then as a last resort, opt for a “broad match” domain such as “”.


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