Link Building: The Holy Grail
Posted on 15/06/2007 in SEO

If you’re asking the question “How can I get my site into the Top 10 on Google”, then you need to understand the concept and process of link building. Amongst 100’s of other factors, Google assesses the relevance and importance of your website by how many (and the quality and relevance of) websites link to you –> incoming links. I cannot stress enough how important incoming links are for getting a high ranking for your website.

But, like everything on the internet, there is a bit of a science to link building – not all links are created equal – though it is probable that any link is better than no link!

So, you need to get up to speed on link building. How do you do that? How about some free resources that will teach you the link building basics? Here are some to get you started.

SEO Toolkit

This is a 21 part guide to help you get a top 10 listing in Google. you can download the entire guide in one hit, or navigate through it section by section. Part 12 is “How to Find Quality Link partners”.

Jim Westergren’s Link Building Article

Jim takes you through the 5 steps necessary to effective link building. It also tells you what not to do!

Search Engine Linking Strategies

Internet marketing Solution has provided a comprehensive article on link building strategies. It explains why links are important and how to get them!

The good news is that search engines will discount your looks if they are acquired to quickly. So this is not the sort of strategy you can put in to practice over night. A long and slow process of link acquisition over time. If you spend an hour or two each week building new links, then that should be about right. In this case, the tortoise definitely wins the race!

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