Keywords are King, but Content is Queen!
Posted on 14/06/2007 in Keywords, SEO

Keywords are the words or phrases that people type in to a search engine to find what they are looking for. Often they are looking for an answer to a question or to solve a problem. However that person ends up at your website (free search, pay per click, your business card or en ebay listing for example), they will be looking for information about something.

It is really important to ensure that the content on your website is valuable to your readers by answering their question or solving their problem – as distinct from just marketing fluff. So, you need to understand what is it your visitors will want to know, what is it they are looking for. Help to solve their problem or provide them with information they need (or will need), rather than trying to sell them something at every turn. This will help build credibility and trust – important elements of any business relationship, but especially an online business relationship.

How do you know what your visitors are looking for? Drill down into your keyword data – see if you can identify what it is that your visitors are wanting – then write a page about that! You will, of course, be using “keywords” to write, so this will contribute to you getting more traffic and when your visitors arrive, they will get more value from your site – so its a win:win!

You can also ask your visitors what they want – either through an exit survey, or through interacting with them while they are on the site (using live chat). I will talk more about these options in another entry.

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