Keyword Research: A Very Cool (and Free!) Tool
Posted on 09/07/2008 in Keywords, SEO

A client of mine recently introduced me to a very cool keyword research tool.  It is very cool for a few reasons:

1. It is easy to use.

2. Because it combines the data of quantity of searches (for a particular keyword) withthe level of competition – and for your research to have any meaning, you really do need both of these things.

3. Data is in both numbers and charts – Google keyword  tools only provide graphics and I find that it lacks relatively on the bar charts.

4. It shows you trend data for the keyword.

5. It provides benchmarks for what makes a good keyword (no of searches, level of competition). This makes it absolutely easy to see if you are onto a winner!

6. The data is provided by the very well respected Wordtracker – so you know it is reliable.

The tool I am talking about can be found here:

Wordtracker’s GTrends

 It is a version of Wordtrackers free standard tool, but it has the extra competition info plus some other great bits!  Here is how it works.

1. Type in your keyword (or keyword phrase):

wordtracker tool

2. You will then see the top 100 most popular searches using that keyword (or phrase), sorted by search volume.

keyword search results

3. Click on the graph icon, next to the keywords you are interested in to get more in depth info.

wordtracker gtrend icon

4. Devour the results!  And then repeat for all keywords you are interested in.

GTrends chart

From this chart you can see that the amount of competition way exceeds (by a factor of 10) the recommended level of competition (less than 30,000), although the no of searches is about twice the recommended level. This would be enough for me to stay well away from this term! The data also shows that this is a new term that has reached its zenith in mid-2008.

5. If you are interested in pursuing this keyword, you can click on one of the research links to take you further into mining the data.

keywrod gtrends research tools

So, overall, this is a fantastic little tool – it will give you all the basic data you need to research a market, and to start optimising your website for good keywords.

You may end up wanting something a little more comprehensive, but as far as free starter tools go this is excellent!

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