Having a Break? What should you do with your website?
Posted on 09/12/2008 in eCommerce, Internet Marketing, Zen Cart

Are you wanting to take a well-deserved break over Christmas and New Year (or any other time of the year for that matter)?  What are you going to do with your ecommerce site?  You don’t want orders to be sitting around until you get back, and customers getting angry because they haven’t received their order when they expected to.

There are a couple of things you can do so that this won’t happen:

1. Drastic Action: Take the site down – so people cannot access the site at all, except for a notice on the front page. In your Zen Cart website, this can be done from your admin section :

Configuration –> Website Maintenance.

Turn “Down for Maintenance’ ON (ie set it to “True”).

Zen Cart down for maintenance

You will probably want to change the message so that it says something about being away, rather than being Down for Maintenance.  You can’t do this via admin – so you may need WebCare to do this for you (though once it is done, you will be able to use it every time you go away). Cost will be $35.  Just send us through the message you want to display.

2. The Minimalist Option. Add text to your home page that says in big letters “We are having a break. We will process all orders when we return on XXX. Happy New Year!” (or something like that).

Then the orders will still be able to be placed – and your customers will know to expect the orders after the specified date.

In Zen Cart, you should be able to edit your home page text via the admin system:

Admin–> Tools –> Define Pages Editor

Select the name of the page where you want to post this message, and make sure that the text editor is set to HTMLArea.

Taking a Break - zen cart

Have a great break!

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