Editing Your Photos for Display on the Web – No 1
Posted on 24/10/2007 in eCommerce, Photo Editing, The Basics

When I am talking with clients about their shopping cart sites and uploading photos of their products, or teaching how to sell on eBay, I often get asked how to optimise photos for displaying on the web.

For example, an average digital camera these days will take photos that are up to5MB (5000 KB) in size. For uploading to a shopping cart – you want them to be more like 12-15kb (ie 0.25% of their original size!). For eBay you can get away with bigger images – perhaps 30-40 kb.

So – how do you reduce the size of your images? Many computers will come with photoediting software already installed or you digital camera may have come with software. If you want to buy a fully-featured photo editing package for home, it is hard to beat Photoshop Elements (for Windows and Mac). But, if you want a package that is easy to use and FREE, then have a look at PIXresizer (Windows only). This software:

  • Has an ‘Apply recommended’ option to make it even more user friendly
  • Works with single files as well as with multiple files all at once (so if you have 100 product files – you can convert them in one batch!)
  • Can convert between graphics formats (.bmp, .gif, .jpg, .png, and .tif)
  • Can be used to create thumbnails (takes one move on a slider)
  • Lets you specify the dimension so the image

Pixresizer image

So, if you haven;t already got suitable software, head on over to PIXresizer, download the 3.3MB file, and give this a try.

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