ebay – Can I end auction early to accept an emailed offer?
Posted on 01/12/2008 in eBay


I have listed an item for seven days had 1 bid, and another person has contacted me and has asked if they can buy my item for x amount which is more than the other bid  on ebay and  if I could end the item and he would buy the item off me for a higher price. Now I don’t know if I can do this or not ? I still have 5 days left until the auction has finished. Is this advisable or common practice? Would it give me bad feedback?

Melinda’s Reply:

Accepting an offer outside of the auction process is against ebay policy – but some people still do it. Once you have a bid it is much more difficult to end the auction early – you need to report to ebay why (eg item damaged or stolen).

So – you can accept the offer and end the auction, but remember that ebay has a copy of the email offering to buy your item outside of the auction, so they can easily find out what really happened.  It wont affect your feedback (as there is no complete transaction) – but it could get you suspended by ebay!

If you have a got a bid already and another person wanting to buy it with 5 days still to run, it must be a good item!  You may end up getting more money if you let the auction run.


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