Don’t Let Your First Zencart Customer Know they are the First!
Posted on 04/04/2008 in eCommerce, Zen Cart

Zen Cart will automatically number the orders that you receive starting at…you guessed it, No 1!  Imagine placing an order for a widget, paying for it with your hard earneds, then getting an email with “Order Confirmation No: 1”  – would that scare you just a little bit? It certainly makes your new Zen Cart ecommerce store look, well, new!  And it certainly doesn’t build credibility and confidence.

As always, there is a very easy way to solve the problem within Zen Cart admin.  To change the default Order No on your Zen Cart invoice, try this:

Admin > Tools > Store Manager >> and change the current number.

Reset Current Order ID New 1000 || Old ###

If you already have orders in the system, it would be smart to backup your database before you do this.  Otherwise – go for it – and make yor Zen Cart ecommerce site look like you’ve been round for years!


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