Constanze Völkel-Hutchison – SEO Callenge
Posted on 03/04/2008 in SEO, Stories

Well, it took a bit longer than we had anticipated (about a week all up), but we did get Constanze’s web page listed in the No 1 spot on Google and the No2 spot and yep – even the No 3 spot! Here’s the listing result now:

Constanze Völkel-Hutchison

Who says SEO is difficult?? Getting ranked in the No 1 position for your name or your business name is really not difficult (unless your name is Bill or Mary Smith maybe!), so just watch out if an SEO consultant guarantees you the No 1 position (or a top 10 ranking) that they are not just referring to your business name. Whilst that is good to have, it is so easy to do you shouldn’t have to pay for it! Just use the strategies that we have used here for Constanze Völkel-Hutchison‘s site. Here they are:

1. Make sure the page you want listed is optimised for that keyword (in this instance we used:

  • Domain name
  • Page title
  • H1 heading
  • Page Text

2. List in a directory/blog that is regularly indexed by Google.

3. Use the keyword and URL repeatedly in the listing (and we also used it in the blog title).

4. Wait!

If there is something that you would like to get quickly indexed in Google (OK – so a week isn’t exactly super quick!), please contact us at WebCare Solutions for a quote on SEO services.

We are now going to get Constanze’s page listed for the alternative spelling of her name – Constanze Völkel-Hutchison. That should happen within the next week as well. Normally though, we would not expect to get a super high ranking for this alternative spelling as the site is not optimised for it. The term is only used once. So, will be interesting to see if we can get a number one position for that spelling as well!


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