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Things To Do If Your Site Seems Down

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If your website is not loading when you type your domain name into the address bar of your browser, there may be a number of causes.  Please check to see if you can isolate the problem BEFORE contacting us (as we will only ask you to go through this checklist first).

1. Is it your internet connection?  
Can you open other sites?  Is your email working?  If the answer is no to both of these things, it is most likely your internet connection is down.

2. Is it just you or does your site appear down for everyone?
Is the issue isolated to you?  To test this, go to:
This will confirm if the site is “down” (go to Step 3)  or if it is “just you” (go to Step 4).

3. If the answer is “Down”, then there is a broader cause that needs to be identified.  

a) Check if you can get to the following sites:

If any of these sites are down, then it is likely that the server is causing the problem. If so, please submit a ticket immediately and advise which sites are down.

b) Alternatively, it could be that your domain name has expired.  Go to who.isand enter your domain name. This will tell you if your domain has expired.  If it has, then it needs to be renewed.  If we registered your domain for you, then please submit a support ticket and ask us to renew your domain. If you registered your domain, then you need to contact your domain registrar (you will be able to see who it is in the records).

4. If the answer is “just you”, then your website is actually up, even if you cannot see it.

The problem is a local one.  Please check the following:

a) If you can, try to go to your website on a different internet connection (eg at a different location or on a smartphone (that is NOT using wireless internet).

b) Have you tried to log in to your website, email or control panel recently and got the password wrong multiple times?  If so, it is highly likely that your IP has been blocked by our server as a security measure.

For most people, you can fix this quickly by turning off your modem for say 20-30 minutes, then turning it back on (this will trigger your ISP allocating you a new IP address which is no longer blocked).

If you have a fixed IP or the above doesnt work, then please submit a support request and include your IP no.  You can identify your IP by going to:   We will then unblock your IP and you will be able to access your website (and email).

c) Try restarting your computer.

5. Are you seeing a particular error message?

eg a PHP error (there is a problem with the website itself), or site cannot be found (it is likely there is a domain name issue), or account is suspended (your hosting service has been suspended most likely because your account is in arrears – please contact our accounts department).


If after the above, you have not resolved the issue, please submit a Support Request. Please outline the steps you have taken above, so that we can isolate your issue more quickly.