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Setting Up An Email Account

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Setting Up Your Email Account
Log into your hosting account control panel: (so just add /cpanel to your domain name).

The log in details are contained in your Hosting Account Welcome email.

You own the domain name and so you also own all the possible email addresses for that account. Your WebCare Hosting account allows you to have up to 20 POP3 (or IMAP) email accounts. Every person in your business or family can have their own email address. You can also set up email addresses for various business units.  For example:

[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]

The two main types of email addresses that our clients usually use are POP3 accounts and redirections.


A POP3 account is a physical email mailbox that sits on your hosting account waiting for email to be sent to it. It then stores those emails until such time as you retrieve it, either by logging in to your webmail account (which you do through your hosting account) or, most commonly, by accessing it via your email account (usually Outlook or Outlook  Express for people on PC’s and Mail app or Entourage for those of us on Macs).

A POP3 account has a username (which will then become the name of that email address) and a password.

So, for the POP3 address of [email protected]

username =
password = mypassword

Adding a POP3 Email Account

View Set Up POP3 Account video.

1. In the Email section of your CPanel window, click on the Email Accounts link. You will be taken to a new screen.

2. Find the “Add a New Account” section (bottom of the window).

3. Type the username (ie the first part of the email address) you want in the Email box, and the password you choose for this account in the Password box (please make sure your password has at least 8 characters and is a combination of numbers and letters).
Change the quota to say 100MB (to allow for large video and picture files that get sent as email attachments).

4. Click [Create] and your new email account will be activated.

Note: In order to receive mail sent to this address, you must set up the new account in the program you use for email. For example, if you access your email through Microsoft Outlook, you need to add this account to your Outlook Mail Accounts. If you use a Mac, you will need to set it up in Mail or Entourage.

New accounts are added to email programs in various ways. If you are unfamiliar with how your email program works, you will need to access the help files for information on your particular program. Search for words like “set up account”, “POP3 account”, “add account”.

However, most programs will ask you for a username, password and incoming and outgoing mail servers. usually, these will be as follows;

Username – your email address in full (eg If that doesn’t work, try

Password – as you set it in the first step

Incoming Mail Server – (replace “” with your domain name – no www required)

Outgoing Mail Server – (replace “” with your domain name – no www required)

Some people will need to use your ISP’s outgoing mail server (particularly Bigpond and Optus clients). Your existing email accounts will have this setting already recorded – so just copy that. if that doesn’t work, call your ISP.  You will know if this is the problem if you can RECEIVE email, but not send email.

If you need some more help to set up your email account within your mail program (ie Outlook, Mail etc), watch these videos:
Set Up Email Account in Outlook Express

Set Up Email Account in Apple Mail