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Zencart: Sending Out Email

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zen-cart-review-logoThe option to send out an email to your customers through your website’s admin panel is very important. It will allow you to reach out and inform them regarding sales and promotions, holiday schedules, and get the word out on a new product.

Here are step by step instructions on how to send out an email through your ZenCart admin panel:

  1. Log into your zen cart admin and go to Tools -> Send Email.
  2. There are 5 bits of information to fill out:
  3. Text Editor
  4. Customer: Select “All Customers”
  5. From:
  6. Rich Text Message: and Text-Only Message:

And click on the “preview” button.

  1. Review your message and click on the “send mail” button.

At the top of your admin page, in green you will see the message “Notice: Email sent to: All Customers”