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Managing Spam

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Spam is one of the great scourges of the internet.  As soon as your domain and email address are indexed in Google (or can be located by some other means), expect to start receiving spam!  Some of this will be directed at you personally (particularly if your email is harvestable from your website) and some will just be random.

You can reduce the amount of spam you receive by:

a) Not making your email address publicly visible.

b) Activating Spam Assasin.

Log into your hosting control panel (cpanel).
Click on the “Spam Assasin” icon.
Click on “Enable Spam Assasin”.

If this is not agressive enough (ie too much spam is still getting through), then increase the Spam Assasin setting (ie up from 5).

c) Enable Box Trapper

Box Trapper requires anyone who sends you email to verify their email address. This will stop most spam dead in its tracks (as spammers usually use other people’s email accounts).  However, it will also mean that legitimate senders need to jump through this hoop as well.  For that reason, it should probably be implemented as a last resort.

Click on the Box Trapper icon.
Click “Manage” next to the email account that you wish to set up Box Trapper on.
Click “Enable”.

You can then tweak any of the settings to make Box Trapper work better for you.