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Magento: How to Create a Category

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In order to create a new category for your products, go to your Magento admin area > Catalog > Manage Categories. On the left you will see the available categories (if any) and above them you will see two options – Add Root Category and Add Subcategory. Since we have the Magento data installed, we have several categories. Let’s create a new subcategory of the root category by clicking Root Catalog and then Add Subcategory.

You should fill in its Name and Description, add an image, fill in some Meta data for search engines, set it as Active so that it appears on your front page and include it in the Navigation Menu.

The last option is URL key, which, if set, will be used in the links to this category. This is useful for SEO purposes – when sites are indexed, it is considered a plus to have as many relative keywords as possible in the URL. If the category is called “PC”, you may want to set this field to “personal-computers” to include two additional keywords in the link.

These are the General Information settings for the category. From the 3 other tabs available you can also manage:

  • Display Settings – here you can set category Display Mode, its CMS block, whether it is Anchor (i.e. whether or not it should inherit the products in its subcategories) and the product listing sorting options;
  • Custom Design – from this tab you can select the design for this category, as well as its layout;
  • Category Products – this tab allows you to add existing products to the category

When you are done with your new category, click Save to create it.