The Challenge 2010: A Day by Day Summary

The Thirty Day Challenge (#30DC) was an extremely popular and totally free internet marketing program for newbies (people who are just embarking on an internet business venture). Started by Ed Dale, over 120,000 people went through the Thirty Day Challenge. As Ed would say “Awesome!”.

Whilst most people absolutely loved #30DC 9and there was a lot to love – great content, great presentation, massive value – it simply didn’t work! Those of you who have had any experience with adult education will totally understand this. people love the training but then balk at the biggest hurdle: implementation!

To Ed’s great credit he has not only acknowledged this issue, but resolved to do something about it!  The #30DC is no more! on 1 July 2010, The Challenge was born!  It has been completely overhauled. Instead of packing stacks of info and activities into every day for 30 days, it is no slower and steadier with more time for the real challenge: implementation!

At WebCare, we have been around internet marketing and online business for a long time. We did the #30DC in 2009 and resolved to do it again in 2010 (Why? Because we need to keep up to date with the latest trends, techniques and strategies for our own sake as well as for our clients!).

Yesterday (13 July 2010) was Day 1 of The Challenge (before that was pre-challenge – or laying the ground work with some basic tools). It is looking very good already! Some useful new distinctions that will help us explain to our clients the sorts of things they need to know on their new business journey. Because of the value in the content, we have decided to write up our own (short) summaries of each Day’s content. This will enable us and our clients (and interested visitors) to refer back to the salient points whenever we need to.

So, if you have an interest in internet business, then check out The Challenge, or at least subscribe to our RSS feed and get our daily summaries sent directly to you!

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