Adelaide Hills Appliance Service
Posted on 21/06/2007 in Biz's We Love

This is a truly local posting for people living in the Adelaide Hills. Our dishwasher stopped working a couple of months ago and i looked through the local phone directory to find a dishwasher repair service in the Adelaide Hills. Our usual repairer turned out to be on holidays, so I called Adelaide Hills Appliance Service. I left a message and didn’t expect to get a call back (how often does that happen!).

About 4.30 that afternoon, Brett from Adelaide Hills Appliance Service called and made a time to come around and fix the dishwasher. Firstly, he arrived on time! Secondly, he diagnosed the fault, but managed to get the dishwasher working. He told me exactly how much it was going to be to repair the problem, but said we might as well leave it now its working until it dies again. So, we did.  He said he wouldn’t invoice us for a few weeks, and then he would call to see how it was going. He called exactly two weeks later, the dishwasher was still working, so he sent me an invoice (for only $77!).

Four weeks later, the dishwasher died again (as he had predicted), so I called Brett. He ordered the replacement part, told me it would take 5 working days to come in, then rang yesterday to say it had arrived and could he come around today to install it. He has just left, after spending an hour installing the part and solving another issue with the pipes. The cost?  Exactly the same as the original quote, minus the call out fee he charged us the first time. Wow!

So, we say thanks to Adelaide Hills Appliance Service – they really do provide an excellent service, exactly when they say they are going to and at a reasonable cost.  You can call Brett on 08 8388 6518 or 0407 392 001 (he doesn’t have a website….yet :-). Say “Hi” to him from WebCare and ask him if his handicap is still 22!

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